Simple skin care routine that works. Transparent and from a sustainable source.

How it all started

We love our skin and we no longer wanted to be satisfied with poor quality and have to choose between natural ingredients vs. performance and beautiful packaging vs. sustainability. We wanted everything.
When we couldn't find many options that matched these criteria, we decided to start Ma'ayan. After all our travels around the world, we have searched for the very best ingredients that have been used from the Middle East to Africa for centuries. A brand that sets standards and embodies everything. Pure, natural and sustainable skin care products that actually work - without compromise.

our philosophy

Purity, simplicity, love.
Our belief in purity
We draw on the best of nature to create products that transform your skin. We obtain the main components of our cosmetics from sustainable sources from the Dead Sea to West Africa through Morocco. Our products are natural and fairly produced and are packaged 30 minutes from Vienna. They are free from SLS and parabens. The packaging is made of pure, natural and environmentally friendly glass.

Our belief in simplicity
We only use what is necessary to get the best results for your skin. Our products are a balance of simple and consciously selected ingredients. Simplicity means that we limit our range to the essential products that everyone needs - nothing more.
Our belief in each other
Love your next - we deeply believe in the power of love for transformation and in the urgent need for more humanity in the world.

We donate part of every product sold to Doctors Without Borders - here you can find out more about how you can help your loved ones.

Love yourself - you can only fully share your love with others if you love yourself. We believe that the most important form of love is taking care of yourself. We would like to support you in living your life fully.