Reveal your skin's inner beauty with our essential products, carefully sourced directly from the Middle East.

Our Story

Ma’ayan is a story of friendship. Two friends that through different paths - one as a native of the region, and the other after living for months along the Euphrates River - were both left with an abiding love for the Middle East - its romance, its natural beauty, and the warmth of its people. It is this warmth that they want to share with you.

Our products pay tribute to the beauty and romance of the Middle East. Ma’ayan means “fountain” or “source” in Hebrew, and echoes the Arabic Ma’in, the hot springs bordering the Dead Sea. Our products are like encountering an oasis in an arid desert - wholly unanticipated yet somehow familiar.

Our philosophy

Purity, Simplicity, Love.

Our belief in purity

We harness the best of nature to deliver products that transform your skin. We believe in the power of the Middle East, in both mind and body. Our core ingredients are sourced directly from this region, from the Dead Sea to Morocco. Our products are natural and vegan, and are free of SLS and parabens.

Our belief in simplicity

We only use what is necessary to deliver the best results. Each of our products is a harmonious balance of core ingredients and other effective and responsibly-sourced components. Simplicity also means we limit our offering to the essential products everyone needs - and nothing more.

Our belief in each other

Love your neighbor - We believe deeply in the power of love to transform, and the pressing need for more kindness in the world.

We donate a portion of our profits to Doctors Without Borders - you can find more about how they love their neighbors here.   

Love yourself - You cannot fully share your love with others until you love yourself. We believe that taking care of yourself is a form of love. We are privileged to help you live your fullest and most loving life.
With Love